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We have to implement  the principle  "be  greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy" for stock market success. It is difficult to judge whether this is the  Correction Phase or the Impulse Phase. 

Because of the dip in oil prices, the markets reacted and lost 1000 points.  Sensex is  hovering around the 27 K mark.  The meteoric rise of the Sensex, upto 28 K,  due to the Modi Factor, seems to be checked. 

India is running the Dasa of the benign 4th lord, but Transit Saturn and Jove are adverse ! 

Dire vicissitudes are expected,as both Saturn and Jupiter can bring in adversity. White elephants like Indian Railways, BSNL and Air India pose problems to the Govt. India should emphasise Value Addition and import substitution.   

As the Lunar Ascendant of India is Cancer, she will have to face ups and downs. . Jove in the Lunar First is also adverse and indicates problems, Nana Dukham.  440 billion debt, 490 b import bill ( of which 143 b is the Oil Import Bill ). India has to go in for massive industrialisation and concentrate on boosting exports. Fortunately she has resources, with an agri production base of 1 billion tonnes of food. But, India has only 2% of the global market and we should get at least 5%, that is exports of 750 billion. Otherwise we will be behind China and America. This is the time to improve both infrastructure and Marketing. It is ultimately Marketing which brings home the iron men ! 

Since we have the raw material and the manpower, now is the time to accelerate the food processing industry and realise India's mammoth potential ! Not raw material, but value added products should be exported ! 

The Indian population on the Net has surpassed 302 million and will cross 350 million in June 2015. This is the time to capitalise on the advantage already got in Social Media. Not only Social Media, but also Offline Marketing should be resorted to Market India !

India has to strengthen her R & D base and get more patents and get a chunk of the global market. The Food and Beverages market is around 5 trillion globally. If India gets 1%, she can get 50 billion and if ten percent, 500 b, which will wipe out the federal debt of 440 b ! India should not export raw material, but only value added products ! 

India is running Sun's Dasa,  Ketu Bhukti.  Sun, the benefic  4th lord is posited in the adverse 3rd.  There will be emphasis on infrastructure development.  Ketu can devastate the nation creating economic chaos and unemployment. Shortages of power and water will be felt.

Marine exports crossed $ 5 billion and will reach 6 billion next year. India is ranked 17th in the world in exports, with exports at $ 300 billion. Indian exports should cross 1 trillion within 3 years, as she is way behind China ( > 2 tr ), EU ( > 2 tr ) and US ( > 1.5 tr ) !

The Market Cap of BSE is 89 lk cr, no of listed companies 5408, actively listed stocks 4114  and no of scrips traded are 2263.   

This is the map of the Heavens for  Jan 2015.


Ket  Moo     
         Jan 2015    Jup
Ven Mar    


Sun Mer 





Negative Factors

We find that sector wise, Industry contributes only 20% of GDP, Agri only 18% and the rest 62% is accounted by the service sector. It is time both industry and agri contribute more to the GDP and then only can India reach the level of China or US.  India has been ranked 3rd, according to GDP PPP analysis. But this analysis is somewhat faulty. By GDP analysis, India is 10th. She is 17th in exports, with exports of only 300 billion.

The Agri sector lacks innovation and investment. India has to improve in the hardware sector in Industry, even though some 54000 crores has been earmarked for investment in the hardware sector.   Only some sectors of industry - software, tourism, food processing, auto, textiles  etc - are doing well. 

The Sub Prime Crisis in US is affecting India and the realty sector is affected. Huge demand for office space after the entry of MNCs is still there and so Realty is at a stand still.    


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